The Final Push

As the mountains of snow begin to melt across the North-East, it is becoming clear that what we feared most is about to happen: spring is on its way. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am immensely excited that the warm weather is due to return to us soon. However, with the flowers and sundresses comes our final push from the nest–graduation.

But, don’t panic! This is an exciting change. As I’m swimming through a sea of apartment listings, cover letters, and an amalgamation of other adult-ish things, I am reminded that I have worked that past four years of my life to reach this proud moment. Thus, I am going to savor the crap out of it. Here’s why:

  1. I did the work, and I actually learned something. I can honestly say I’m leaving college with a much larger skill-set than when I entered. I am leaving college with the ability to discuss James Joyce in a knowledgeable way, the skills to write in the AP format, and the mind-set to think critically and analyze most art forms. I loved my classes, loved doing the work, and am proud of what I got out of it.
  2. homeworkI made friends that will last me a life-time. My sophomore year of college, my housing plans fell through. Because of this, I ended up in the apartment that I still live in today. In this apartment, I became best friends with the room-mates who I didn’t know until we were already living together. These girls were the best support system I could of had at school, and I know that they’ll be my friends for life.
  3. plum momsplum moms 2I have no regrets. Looking back at my time at UMass, I can honestly say every experience sculpted me into the human I am today. Of course whenI reflect, I say, “Well I could have changed this or that.” However, if I had made these changes, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I loved being in marching band, I am passionate about my late night runs to Glazed, and I relish the memories of my apartment sitting down to watching Dirty Dancing…over…and over… These are memories that I know have changed me forever.
  4. with prideI am ready to take off the training wheels. At some point or another, everyone feels this. Personally, I felt it when I began looking at apartments that have dishwashers. What a concept! While in college, I felt like an adult with training wheels. Everything was supported by “true” adults, but I was figuring out the rest on my own. Now, I’m ready to take those wheels off so I can wobble on two-wheels all by myself. This journey will include an apartment with a dishwasher, a job, and the adventure of figuring everything out the rest.
Boston, MA

I am beyond excited to be moving towards a new section of my life. I am thrilled to look towards the future, and ready to take on whatever life throws at me. I’ll be graduating in eight weeks, and instead of panicking–I’m going to celebrate.

umass journal
My UMass Scrapbook, a place for my cherished memories from a cherished place.


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