Playing Grown-Up: Picking a Wine for a Host gift

Listen-up, twenty-something-year-olds, let’s chat: wine. No, I don’t mean the stuff in the box that you drank your freshman year of college. I mean true, earthy, delicious, wine (ones that you actually need a wine-key to open). Today, I was at the liquor store, and I ran into my long-time friend Chrysten. She was standing in front of the wine shelf, and to me with a bewildered look in her eye, and said, “I need to know more about wine.” Don’t we all?

We’re at this point in our lives where we get invited to someone else’s home, and showing up empty handed isn’t appropriate. However, neither is rolling up with a box of “Sunset Blush” and a baggie of red cups. Now, I am not Master Somm by any means, but here is a quick list of which wines to bring to which occasions. Don’t worry- I won’t list any wines that will break your budget.

  1. A Summer weekend at someone’s beach house. Riesling is a very sweet white wine. It’s delicious when chilled, and great company for an event on a patio.  (Schmitt Sohne is perfect)
  2. A Holiday Party. Usually with Christmas comes a roast, and with red meat, comes a need for Cabernet Sauvignon. Not to mention, the delicious fruity undertones of Cabernet also pair great with fruit and chocolate (both ever present at Holiday affairs). (If I were you, I’d go for Carnivor. It’s fabulous)
  3. Pasta Dinner at your Significant Other’s. You had me at Merlot. You want something to pair with that garlic, and all of those tomatoes (Try Running with Scissors’ Merlot)
  4. House/ Apartment Warming. I can’t believe that I’ve been to a few of these already (And their new homes didn’t have unframed posters as art). A red blend is an awesome, light, way to celebrate a festive occasion. I am extremely partial to Apothic Red

Wrap it all up in a cute, patterned towel with a bow–voila! A perfectly acceptable host/hostess gift. Who said twenty-something year olds couldn’t be civilized?

(This idea is also pinned to my board “Grown-Up Lessons.” Give me a follow!)

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