December Favorites


It’s hard to believe that Christmas is this week! Luckily, all of my shopping is done, so this week is going to be dedicated to wrapping and baking. I’ve got to say, it’s been a great December. Coming home for the Holidays after finals is alway freeing. Here are some of my December Favorites:

1. Craft: Arm-Knitting

After working hard during finals, coming home and bumming around on the couch made me antsy. I decided to try to find a new craft that was easy. arm-knitting a scarf takes about 45 minutes (This tutorial claims 30, but I’d say it takes about as long as an episode of Gilmore Girls). All you need are two bundles of bulky yarn, and your arms. The video on this blog is from her point-of-view, which is awesome. When you first start, it’s a little easy to get turned around. Don’t worry, you’ll be cranking out scarves in no time.


2. Dinner: Cheesy- Tortellini Crock Pot Soup

I’m always on the lookout for great crock pot recipes, and I definitely feel this one is a winner. I added sausage (cooked in a pan first), and subbed in low-fat cream cheese and low-sodium vegetable broth. Also, I recommend not adding the tortellini and spinach until you’re about two hours in. The soup was thick, creamy, and made a great meal with ciabatta bread. My sister joked that it was like “Vodka Sauce soup.” Can you say “cozy?”

3. Sweets: Red Velvet Sugar Cookies

Whenever someone says “Red Velvet,” they immediately have my attention. These cookies came out amazing. But, the real star of the show is the home-made cream cheese frosting. YUM. I let my dough chill overnight in the refrigerator, and I think it totally helped the consistency. I then cut the dough into little stars, making them super festive for the Holiday season.

4. Fitness: Blogilates’ “Sexy Thighs”

So now that I have stuffed you with cheesy soup and sugary delights, it’s time to work. At home, I’m not a member of a gym, and when its this cold–going out for a run feels impossible. Cassey Ho’s Pop-Pilates videos are a FABULOUS way to stay toned, and warm.  My personal favorite is her “Sexy Thighs” video–it’s such a challenge. Give it a look!

I hope you all have a festive, and lovely Holiday season. All of these are pinned to my December 2014 board on Pinterest. Don’t forget to give me a follow!



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  1. Thanks for linking up! I love hearing about new workouts 🙂


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